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Short Code Concierge

Short codes are a great way to stay connected with your customers. After all, texting is one of the few methods of communication that gives you nearly 24 hour access to your customers. CellTrust prides itself on its superior customer service. So we’ve created a Short Code Concierge service to personally assist in not only choosing a short code option that will add the value of text messaging to your marketing campaigns, but who will be there for you throughout the entire provisioning process and after.

US mobile SMS
advertising revenues
will reach $2162M in 2017
up from $101M in 2012.
- Acision 2013

Increase your customer engagement through our suite of short code services

Shared Short Codes

If you're just starting out with SMS marketing, a shared short code is the most cost effective way to send your mobile messages. A shared short code differs from a dedicated short code in that it's a shared number; multiple businesses are using that same number to send marketing messages. Since our shared short codes have already been provisioned by carriers, setting yours up is quick and easy.

Dedicated Short Codes

A dedicated short code functions exactly the same as a shared short code except that it is assigned to you and only you. A dedicated short code gives you the flexibility of unlimited keywords for your campaigns, plus your subscribers are able to reply back to you without having to add any keywords. At your option, you can apply for a vanity code, which is a code that's easily remembered, such as 454545. Using a vanity code is also a very effective tool for mobile marketing campaigns. A CellTrust Short Code Concierge team member can assist you with provisioning a dedicated short code for U.S. markets and/or a dedicated long code for international markets. Whether you choose a shared or dedicated short code depends on your business objectives and the best management of your marketing campaigns.

Short Code Aggregation

The CellTrust SMS Gateway™ facilitates communication between your application and mobile carriers around the world. CellTrust SMSGateway is designed to effortlessly accomplish this goal with a single interface and one-time integration. Your content portal or application can be up and tested within minutes on the CellTrust platform.

Short Code Provisioning

Before launching a mobile marketing campaign, your short code must be provisioned which can take from 10-12 weeks in the U.S. Our Short Code Concierge will serve as your liaison throughout the provisioning process and be your representative when working with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) to ensure compliancy.

Get an even bigger boost to your mobile campaigns

With CellTrust you have a turnkey portal which allows you to create and manage mobile marketing campaigns for your clients or the option to offer your own Mobile Marketing portal, accessed directly from your website. Learn more

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