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CellTrust® CEO & Security Evangelist Sean Moshir Launces Mobile-Wireless Industry Blog 'OPTIN TODAY'

CellTrust Blog Provides Forum to Advance Mobile Security Awareness & Innovation Worldwide

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. - September 18, 2007 - CellTrust® Corporation (, the leading secure mobile information management and delivery provider, today announced the official launch of its new online mobile-wireless industry blog, 'OPTiN Today'. Providing a dynamic place for lively discussion, information exchange, and mutual collaboration regarding all things mobile, CellTrust CEO Sean Moshir will also contribute his thoughts on mobile-wireless industry topics as they relate to security issues and marketing productivity.

Moshir, a noted IT security software veteran who founded CellTrust states, "While the mobile-wireless industry is beginning to implement some important industry standards via associations like the CTIA and MMA, there remains a significant void when it comes to mobile security. Those seeking to market innovative mobile software and services will be hard pressed to see their offerings flourish because the mobile-wireless market has not yet figured out how to do "mobile security" right. With the launch of OPTiN, we hope to advance this important discussion and incubate the best that the mobile-wireless industry has to offer to increase momentum for mobile relationship marketing."

OPTiN Today encourages feedback, ideas and opinion-sharing with a no-tolerance policy for people- or brand-bashing. Founded for mobile-wireless enthusiasts and businesses interested in various mobile marketing and messaging topics, OPTiN Today currently hosts and promotes blog commentary across the following mobile topics: Mobile Security, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Gateways, Mobile Applications, Mobile People, Mobile Ideas and Mobile Responsibility. Moreover, features in the premier launch of OPTiN Today investigate mobility in the world of banking, how SMS flight tracking can improve the environment, and utilizing SMS in a campus environment, among other timely topics.

According to the Marc Thompson, a director on the board of SCIPP International ( - a global non-profit organization dedicated to providing world-class security awareness training and certification - and manager of the CISSP education program for (ISC)2 (, "Everybody from the executive Information Security professional to IT manager to end user is starting to understand the need for improved mobile security and corresponding industry benchmarks.

OPTiN Today brings to the industry a desperately needed online medium for collectively achieving these mobile security benchmarks, which will ultimately transform the mobile phone into a highly functional commercial tool."

Driving home the importance of an real-time, collaborative mobile-wireless think tank, CellTrust Vice President of Marketing Tammara Anderton explains, "CellTrust has chosen to take a leadership role in launching OPTiN Today to provide a forum that supports a collaborative and lively discussion around topics the at the heart of the mobile industry. We welcome and plan to provide a forum for contributions from all sectors of the mobile community."

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