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First Purely Mobile Bank Licenses CellTrust's SecureSMS for Safe Mobile Transactions

mobē, Inc. Enables Users to Conduct Critical Business While On-The-Go

CTIA Wireless, Las Vegas - April 1, 2008 - CellTrust® Corporation (, the leading secure mobile information management and delivery provider, today announced that mobē, Inc., has selected CellTrust's Global SecureSMS™ Gateway to ensure the secure transmission of SMS messages for payments, commerce, banking and other confidential content to and from its network of mobile bank account holders. mobē, Inc., in conjunction with University Bank, is a leader in mobile banking, mobile payments, merchant services, global remittance and banking security.

SecureSMS Gateway allows businesses to exchange critical information with customers in a trusted environment on the mobile device. Setting itself apart from consumer-grade SMS, CellTrust's SecureSMS Gateway gives the message sender the ability to confirm when text messages are delivered and/or read via a highly encrypted, tamper-proof transfer process with no size limitations along with remote wipe functionality that ensures users can wipe the handset if it is lost or stolen.

As mobile consumers across all regions and age segments gain confidence in sending messages to friends and loved ones via text message, the trend of conducting more sophisticated and personal content will continue to rise. The increasing use of mobile devices to transfer funds between bank accounts and other important activities will become the standard of the industry in the near future, and CellTrust is providing the mobile industry with Secure SMS solutions that make high risk messages secure and safe from being read by others or tampered with during transmission.

"mobē, has an innovative approach to banking, looking at the large ‘underbanked' population in North America, and the Global SecureSMS Gateway from CellTrust is giving us options we previously could not consider," said Jim McLeod, president of mobē, inc. "We believe that certain information which could not have been sent to customers using consumer grade SMS can now be sent to consumers securely. CellTrust SecureSMS™ opens the door for many organizations to go beyond the limits of consumer grade SMS."

mobē allows customers to send, receive, spend and secure money from anywhere in the world anytime of the day any day of the week, all through the convenience of a mobile phone. mobē stands to make a huge impact in the unbanked, peer-to-peer money transfer, merchant services and global remittance sectors.

"As mobile banking becomes secure we will see a paradigm shift in the way people do their banking," said Sean Moshir, CEO of CellTrust. "Early adopters such as mobē, Inc. will begin to solidify their position in the space as did the Yahoos and E-bays of the Internet era. I believe the mobile industry will parallel the Internet era in many aspects and companies who do not act quickly will be left behind. The impact of Mobile Internet will be dramatic and CellTrust looks forward to being a part of making people's lives more secure, convenient and comfortable."

With mobē licensing CellTrust SecureSMS™ consumers now have the ability to conduct peer-to-peer secure money transfer and merchant services via the mobile phone. Consumers can transfer funds to their mobile phone, or someone else's mobile phone, The mobē card, The Virtual Card, existing debit cards, and existing checking accounts. For example, when a teenager wants to buy books in a bookstore, they could notify their parents and the parents can immediately credit money to the teenager's debit card with a simple, yet secure, text message for the purchase.

CellTrust's SecureSMS™ Gateway was selected as a finalist in the Third Annual CTIA Emerging Technologies (E-Tech) Awards. To vote for CellTrust, please go by the award display at CTIA Wireless 2008 April 1-3 in Las Vegas, and vote by texting code 491 to 868464.

CellTrust ( leading provider of mobile software for the secure and trusted exchange of information on mobile devices. The CellTrust Management team has a solid background in Internet security used by Fortune 500 companies and governmental agencies worldwide extending from anti-virus to vulnerability remediation. CellTrust's Secure Mobile Information Management platform and suite of mobile applications are engineered to manage and deliver information and mobile content in a timely, intelligent, and secure manner from SMS to the most advanced micro-client delivery. In hundreds of countries using several hundred carriers, CellTrust provides advanced mobile messaging and marketing solutions to customers and resellers in both convenient white label and customizable formats. CellTrust's mobile software benefits advertising, marketing, education, finance, travel and hospitality, technology, and government sectors, among other global industries. For more information, visit

ABOUT mobē, INC.
mobē (www.mobē is a multi-industry leader in; mobile banking, mobile payments, merchant services, global remittance and banking security. Utilizing its state-of-the-art Gomobē platform they allow customers to send, get, spend and secure their money from anywhere in the world anytime of the day any day of the week all through the convenience of their mobile phone. The Gomobē platform positions them to make a huge impact in the unbanked, peer-to-peer money transfer, merchant services and global remittance sectors. Layered on top of their Gomobē platform is the patented AccountLock technology, putting customers in control of financial identity theft and fraud before it ever occurs.

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