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Award winning MATCH Charter Public High School of Boston selects CellTrust SMS Gateway to maximize parental involvement

CellTrust Corporation provides SMS through secure global gateway to extend community outreach

Scottsdale, Arizona - August 26, 2008 - CellTrust® Corporation (, a leading provider of a Secure Mobile Information Management (SMIM) Platform, global Secure SMS Gateway, and suite of mobile applications, today announced that its global SMS Gateway was chosen by Boston's MATCH Charter Public High School for the academic year 2008-2009 to provide a new mobile communication channel to its academic community.

A rigorous academic routine has brought accolades recently, namely US News & World Report ranked Boston MATCH 99th out of the 18,790 public high schools across the nation. The Center for Education Reform (CER) also recognized MATCH Charter Public High School of Boston as a National Charter School of the Year in 2007, an honor given to only 53 charter schools across the US.

At MATCH, a typical day runs 8:30 am through 5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday with a shorter day on Friday. Founded in 2000, it is a tuition-free public charter school whose mission is to help students achieve success in college and beyond. 73 percent live in poverty, as measured by eligibility for free or reduced price lunch; many in single-parent or non-parent households and most arrive at MATCH well behind grade level in math and reading. 99 percent of students in the first four graduating classes were accepted at four-year colleges or universities. And in order to graduate, MATCH students must take - and pass - at least two advanced placement courses and two college courses taken through a partnership with Boston University.

Parental engagement is paramount at MATCH and up until now has been largely achieved through email, telephone and regular mail. With regular and timely text messages sent via CellTrust's advanced and secure SMS Gateway regarding upcoming events and family academic venues, administrative procedures, attendance, recruitment, and grades/homework assignments, MATCH intends to maximize its communication reach and parent participation.

"Given that not all households have a landline telephone or email access, the cell phone has proven to be a key communication channel for us," said Jorge Miranda, Principal. "One of the key factors in choosing a mobile solutions provider was reliability. We needed to create messages and alerts on a moment's notice, send them to our parent community, and know they received them."

CellTrust CEO Sean Moshir adds, "The mobile channel has only begun to be explored within the academic sector and we are proud to be selected by the MATCH School as they pioneer their mobile program." CellTrust provides a SMS Gateway to assist all types of businesses and organizations interested in building mobile messaging campaigns. Scheduled or spontaneous text messages can be sent out at different time intervals to individuals or groups via SMS, email and/or voice with the option to engage in a two-way mobile exchange with the audience.

CellTrust also provides a Secure SMS Gateway, which enables organizations to exchange critical information in a trusted environment on the mobile device with end-to-end privacy via a highly encrypted, tamper-proof process. The sender also has the ability to confirm when text messages are delivered and/or read. The solution also allows no size limitations along with remote wipe functionality that ensures users can wipe the handset if it is lost or stolen.

As part of CellTrust's ongoing commitment to providing for the trusted exchange of information via the mobile device and the ability to effect positive social change, CellTrust donated its SMS solution to the MATCH School for one year.

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MATCH Charter Public School Media Contact:
Alan Safran, Executive Director
MATCH Charter Public School
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