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With CellTrust's Secure SMS Barack Obama Can Retain His Personal Phone

Text Messages Can be 100 Percent Encrypted, Saving them from Outsider's Eyes

Scottsdale, Arizona, Nov. 21, 2008 - CellTrust Corporation (, a leading provider of secure mobile messaging and applications commented on last night's news story on President-elect Barack Obama's telephone breach.

On Thursday evening, Verizon revealed that a privacy breach in President-elect Barack Obama's personal phone records had occurred, and select Verizon employees are responsible. Verizon released a statement formally apologizing for the incident and plans to handle the situation promptly after discovering that the account was subject to unauthorized access.

With new innovations in security software such as CellTrust's Secure SMS, Obama would still be able to use his device for personal text messages, as all of his SMS messages including the destination phone number would be fully encrypted and have the capabilities of remote wipe - clearing traces of his incoming and outgoing messages on his cell phone - should the device be lost or stolen.

"Access to phone records is the first step in trying to find out additional information about someone's private life. By acquiring phone numbers they can start digging into these additional phone records and all text messages that was sent between people so to begin to piece something together," said Sean Moshir, CEO and Founder of CellTrust. "Employees of carriers, aggregators and other infrastructure providers have access to text messages and since text messages are in clear text it makes it very easy for employees to read them as well as finding out who it was sent to. "

Traditionally, those who assume the position of commander-in-chief surrender email and mobile messaging as a common use of communication as all messages can be traced and could potentially become public record (in the case of a lawsuit) or possibly subject to tampering. However, there is a way for him to stay connected to family and friends - at least as far as text messaging is concerned. In addition to the message content being encrypted to the AES standards, CellTrust's Secure SMS encrypts all phone numbers, therefore making it impossible for carriers to see where the messages are destined.

With SMS and messaging in general outpacing voice calls in the U.S., security on the mobile device is becoming a ubiquitous issue. With the evolution of security on mobile devices, CellTrust is extending the existing capabilities of banking, healthcare and government agencies, while remaining compliant with all applicable laws and regulations (HIPAA, FISMA, Sarbanes Oxley, etc.).

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