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CellTrust Corp. Expands with Launch of CellTrust of Africa -- Bringing Secure SMS to Mobile Banking, Government and Healthcare on the African Continent

From its Base in Abuja, Nigeria, CellTrust of Africa Provides Secure Mobile Applications to One of the World's Fastest Growing Mobile Markets

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA and Abuja, Nigeria – September 15, 2009 --CellTrust Corporation, a U.S.-based provider of leading-edge secure mobile messaging and applications ( its expansion into Australia and New Zealand, and continues on a global expansion course with the opening of operations in Africa. The new CellTrust franchise will operate from its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, led by Managing Director Samuel Ucheaga, founder of Mavis Computel, a leading provider of wireless network solutions with a well established sales and distribution network in the region.

CellTrust Australia's customer base will benefit from CellTrust's award winning SecureSMS Gateway, enabling businesses to exchange critical information with customers using mobile devices in a trusted environment. SecureSMS has additional advantages over standard SMS, such as delivery, read, and receipt confirmation. CellTrust SecureSMS provides end-to-end privacy on the mobile device via a highly encrypted, tamper-proof process. The sender can see the icons actually change on their phone as messages are sent, received and opened by the recipient. The solution also increases the SMS size limit from 160 characters to 5000. A remote wipe functionality that ensures users can wipe the handset if it is lost or stolen adds another critical layer of security. Additional features that will soon be available on CellTrust SecureSMS will include 2D barcodes, client-less Secure SMS, as well as a dynamic menu system for mobile banking and mobile payments.

"The market for secure mobile applications in Africa is multi-faceted and very promising," according to Samuel Ucheaga, managing director,CellTrust of Africa. "Key industries include mobile healthcare, mobile government and mobile financial services with a special emphasis on mobile money transfer, and mobile micro-credit applications, already evoking tremendous change across the continent."

CellTrust of Africa has already begun discussions with municipalities in the region, as well as with enterprises in the healthcare, financial services/banking, education and governmental sectors. Prospective SecureSMS users will now be able to optimize the ubiquitous nature of SMS in a secure, reliable and highly confidential environment.

"With Africa becoming the fastest growing mobile market in the world and mobile penetration in the region ranging from 30 to 100 percent, we needed a strong presence there," said CellTrust CEO, Sean Moshir. "We look forward to working with the experienced CellTrust of Africa team to bring secure mobile applications to more than 300 million diverse users across the continent."

The SecureSMS Gateway manages and exchanges messages via CellTrust's highly Secure Mobile Information Management platform, giving businesses and government the ability to:

  • Meet security, privacy and compliance requirements without costly development
  • Set aside concern that carriers, tower operators, infrastructure providers, and aggregators can intercept and read text messages
  • Confirm that text message recipients have received and opened SMS messages
  • Use the same set of APIs to send both secure and standard SMS or text messages
  • Remotely "wipe" the handset if lost or stolen
  • Definitively measure the Return-on-Investment of the mobile channel via SSMS

CellTrust's SecureSMS has recently received the 2008 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award and was voted Best Messaging Security Solution by the Info Security Products Guide's Tomorrow Technology Today Award. SecureSMS was accredited as a finalist for the Third Annual CTIA Emerging Technology Award, and was named the winner of three Mobile Star Awards, and the prestigious Mobile Marketing Association 2008 Global Relationship Building Award.

About CellTrust Corporation
CellTrust is a leading provider of secure mobile messaging and applications. CellTrust's patent pending Secure SMS Gateway™ featuring Secure SMS and a suite of mobile applications provide advanced secure mobile messaging and information management across 190+ countries and over 700 carriers. CellTrust ensures the secure and trusted exchange of information on mobile devices to the financial services, healthcare, government, education, energy, information technology, marketing, and travel, among other global industries. For more information about CellTrust's Global, African, North American and Australian operations:

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