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Mobile Marketing Portal

You know the value of having a powerful and easy-to-use portal to help you build and deliver your client's mobile marketing campaigns. With CellTrust you have a turnkey portal which allows you to create and manage mobile marketing campaigns for your clients or the option to offer your own re-branded Mobile Marketing portal, accessed directly from your website.

An all-inclusive Marketing Platform customized by you

There’s no need to settle for a single channel solution when CellTrust offers a multi-channel marketing and communication platform. CellTrust’s all-inclusive marketing platform allows you complete control of your brand and functions as a one-stop shop for all your mobile marketing needs.

Features and Benefits

  1. Total control of your brand

  2. Convenient, easy portal allows you to conduct marketing campaigns

  3. Provides greater results and is more cost effective than traditional marketing strategies

  4. Easily manage multiple short codes and keyword availability

  5. Monitor traffic from all accounts and easily generate usage reports

  6. Compliant with all MMA guidelines

  7. Global coverage across hundreds of carriers

  8. Support for credit cards payments through integrated ecommerce shopping cart

  9. Billing module allows for recurring, pre-pay, post-pay, or monthly billing

  10. Lowest Pricing with minimal initial commitments

  11. One-on-one service with experienced CellTrust representatives

Delivering the most effective mobile campaign solutions.

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A Marketers Guide to Messaging:
MMA Marketing Best Practices
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International Messaging

Providing network coverage supported by countries around the globe.

CellTrust 2 Way SMS Gateway is supported by the following carriers. These lists are subject to change, at times for reasons beyond CellTrust’s control. Actual access to specific carriers varies by customer. Customers wanting to be connected to any specific carrier should contact their CellTrust account manager.

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