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Developers / API Integration

CellTrust® Developers Program is a complete solution for accessing CellTrust offerings from your application.

CellTrust Software Development Kit (SDK) is an array of developer friendly tools and documents with a rich set of high level Application Programming Interface (API) for HTTP, HTTPS, Java, .NET, Web Services, or SMTP. Enrollment into the CellTrust Developers Program is free. Registered developers receive the following benefits required for developing and testing applications:

  • Free Access to CellTrust 2-Way SMS Gateway
  • Credentials for accessing CellTrust SMS Gateway portal
  • Access to download page and API documents
  • SMS, email, and voice credits
  • Immediate access to a short code
  • One keyword
  • Global coverage via Multi-modal Gateway
  • Administration and management tools and reports
  • Access to CellTrust Mobile Marketing Modules

Switching to CellTrust's messaging gateway is straightforward and easy with powerful web tools and plug-and-play scripts eliminating the need for coding to send and receive messages for your campaign.

Choose from Web Services/HTTP/SOAP, Java, .NET, or SMTP - the mobile industry's most popular APIs

Web Services API

The CellTrust Web Services API enables rapid integration using standard HTTP and SOAP web service protocols to provide a secure and technology-independent way of communicating with the CellTrust Multimodal Gateway. Using XML stream and encrypted data, Web Services provides a very reliable, high performance solution. Web Services and XML protocol creates an independent format for data exchange on any type of operating system.

Java API

The CellTrust Java API enables SMS gateway integration to your own proprietary or customized SMS application. Developer-friendly enabling you to send an SMS with as little as two lines of code means quicker development time and less bugs. Java is platform independent, enabling you to develop and execute your program on any Java Runtime Environment (Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.)

SMTP Gateway

SMTP Gateway is another method to connect with the CellTrust Multimodal Gateway and begin sending messages through several channels (SMS, email, voice) to recipients. It can also be used as an email to SMS feature. Simply send an email to the CellTrust Multimodal Gateway and we will convert it to an SMS or email and will send it to your list of recipients. You won't need to develop any code to connect your application or email address to the CellTrust Multimodal Gateway. It will also perform primary authentication and validation, generate an internal request, and forward the message to the CellTrust Multimodal Gateway for processing.

CellTrust SMS Gateway Scheduler API

External Applications can communicate with CellTrust's TxTScheduler API using an http request sent to containing the necessary information defined in TxTScheduler Request Parameters section. The TxTScheduler gateway will process the request and will schedule the message for delivery. If a redirect URL is provided in the parameters, the gateway will redirect the response to the destination pointed by redirect URL after completion of request processing, which is useful for directing the user to a new webpage within your website.

CellTrust SMS Gateway TxTFeedback API

External applications can communicate with CellTrust's TxTFeedback API's in order to receive Recipient-Originated messages processed by the CellTrust gateway, using different forms of the HTTP post request (XML over HTTP and Multipart Request).

In order to use this service you are required to provide a valid dedicated URL that will be used to forward messages. Depending on the service agreement, you can provide one or more URL's. Optionally, you can also provide filtering criteria for each URL, so that only messages that fit these criteria will be pushed to a URL you have specified.

Switch on CellTrust

Already have a short code and are ready to take your company to the next level? CellTrust will assist you in switching on our service without any disruption to your existing marketing campaign. In addition, CellTrust will provide full support and guide you every step of the way to ensure your re-branded CellTrust Mobile Marketing Portal is set up for success.

Speak with a CellTrust representative today to learn more.

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