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Because consumers exchange more than 5 billion text messages per day, now is the time to start your marketing campaigns through SMS and CellTrust can help you create a customized SMS campaign specific to the needs of your organization. You can set up any campaign via SMS, email or voice within minutes using CellTrust's intelligent, rules-based Campaign Module. Easily define auto-response rules, organize groups, integrate with third party applications, and much more.

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CellTrust's email support is free and available from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Arizona Time. CellTrust phone support is preferred to be used for emergency support and in the instance of an outage lasting more than one (1) hour, or if 100% of the customer's transmissions are affected.

Please note the following support guidelines:

  • Phone support is for emergency use only. An emergency is defined as an outage lasting longer than one (1) hour or a 100% message delivery failure rate.
  • Premium Support is available for an additional cost. Please contact your CellTrust Account Executive for more information on how to obtain premium support for your company.
  • For Technical Support please visit CellTrust Forums for an immediate response to many of your technical and configuration-related questions
  • A Technical Support representative will email a specific response to your customer query within 4 hours during regular business hours.

Contact support at or 480.515.5200.

Get an even bigger boost to your mobile campaigns

With CellTrust you have a turnkey portal which allows you to create and manage mobile marketing campaigns for your clients or the option to offer your own Mobile Marketing portal, accessed directly from your website. Learn more

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